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Corporate Annual Report

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PT Solusi Tunas Pratama Tbk. (STP) was founded in 2006, and is now the third largest independent tower companies in Indonesia in terms of number of telecommunication towers, the Company operates telecommunications tower assets in all the 34 provinces in Indonesia alone.

The company commissioned their 2017 Annual Report to our team back in 2018. The project features colorful visual to match with their visual branding. For a formal company, they really do like a very playful design, hence why we are working with freelance illustrator to do the art for the divider and cover.

The design direction for the rest of the pages also follows this colorful and playful approach, yet still maintains professionalism by making sure all sections are legible and easy to read. Every pages are decorated with simple shapes to create a more festive visual.

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Committed to Excellence

It is said that one of the director or comissioner are specfically requested to have this festive approach because one of them is an avid art collector.

You can view the full STP's Annual Report 2017 from this link.


Solusi Tunas Pratama



Design Team
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Ibrahim Ahmad with BrandCompany





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