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Box Packaging Design

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D S Auto Enterprise is a drive shaft & steering rack repair specialist based in Selangor, Malaysia. The company was founded in 1991 and provide reconditioning service for drive shaft, steering rack and pump.

Besides reconditioned automotive parts, D S Auto also starting to supply brand new parts for replacement, and they need a customizable packaging for their newly supplied parts as well as the reconditioned parts.

This is the design for the new & reconditioned Drive Shaft product, which expand the visual branding from D S Auto website and also features a technical drawing of the drive shaft that is made with CAD-based Solidworks software.

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Drive Shaft Joint Assembly

On one of its side, a separate label contains product information (and client's as well for reconditioned parts) that will be easily customizable and is easily printed with standard printer and pre-cut label paper.

Lastly, the box design only have 3 designed sides which then repeated on the other 3 sides. This makes the box easily identified in storage environment since a half-image of the driveshaft can be easily seen from every corners.


D S Auto



Design Team
& Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad

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