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Sachet & Pillow Bag Packaging

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Rancho La Gloria is a US based alcoholic beverage brand under MPLBrands company. The brand focused on producing bottled Margarita & Cockail drinks with various flavor variants and is recently looking to launch alcoholic popsicle based on their margarita product range.

They are looking for a design that is more festive than their current bottled Margarita products, and the popsicle packaging need to be see through, as part of Rancho La Gloria branding direction.

This design will focus on the Lime Margarita flavor, which is based on a popular mixed drink that is also one of the Rancho La Gloria recommendation for serving its alcoholic beverage product line.

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Frozen Margarita Cocktails

The design use fruit illustration all over the surface, but without having it fill the entire surface so that the packaging is still see-through. The sachet packaging use a see through doff plastic with UV spot effect to add a premium feel on the packaging.

Here's some of the unused concept of the project.


Rancho La Gloria


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Design Team & Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad

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