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Corporate Annual Report

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Kresna Insurance, or also known as Asuransi Kresna Mitra (IDX:ASMI) is an insurance company from Indonesia founded in 1956 (under Patriot Insurance Society Ltd.) which later acquired by Kalbe Group in 1991, and went through a merger in 2016 with Kresna Group.

Kresna Insurance managed to perform well throughout the year, ever strengthening its presence in the industry whilst scoring several noticeable achievements and awards, as well as performing well in various insurance sectors the Company is engaged in.

Hence why the theme "Full Steam Ahead" is given, to commemorate the company's strong commitment to take on any challenges in the future. The 2017's annual report also took creative approach based on the elegant corporate branding and previous year's report design.

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Full Steam Ahead

The purple, blue and gold palette has become the visual identity of the Krensa Insurance brand and used together with the elegantly designed charts, tables, and variations of corporate graphics and photos.

Kresna Insurance Annual Report 2017 available in English and Indonesian language (bilingual). Read it from this link.


Kresna Mitra Insurance (ASMI)



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& Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad with BrandCompany



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