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Visual Brand Identity

Logo & Visual Identity

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Hector is an Indonesian clothing company that focused on stylish sportswear and started in 2010. They started as a custom screen-printing service for football uniforms and growing to offer a collection of original designed sportswear. This is a full rebranding project of the Hector Clothing Co. brand.

As an Indonesian company, Hector wish to have its logo to resemble the national Garuda bird symbol. This vision is fullfilled by creating a modern Garuda symbol that also resembles the letter 'H' for Hector. The logo is made to folllow strict gridlines rules to make it look structured and modern.

The brand also need design for advertising campaign, both physicial and digital. Shown o the right is a design for an A1 sized poster as well as website banner. Both media focused on the essentials message, especially the model photo, because Hector would like to focus their campaign on the new collection of their original sportswear.

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Hector Brand Identity

Pricetag, receipt and other stationery also designed to make the visual branding more consistent. Hector also need an eCommerce website for their online selling platform, however currently, they rely on 3rd party online shop like Tokopedia for selling online as their website is not ready yet for eCommerce use.

For the final touch, a brand guideline book is also made for Hector Clothing Co. to make sure brand consistency can be easily applied in the future.


Hector Clothing Co.



Design Team & Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad


Ibrahim Ahmad

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