Mighty Hara


Food & Beverages

Design Team
& Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad


Ibrahim Ahmad

Project Year:


Packaging & Label

Label for Bottle, Jar, & Canister

Mighty Hara is a startup company that produce dressing sauce for salads. Their first product, Krishna Almond, is an almond-based dressing sauce that is 100% vegan, dairy free, and gluten free.

The company is looking for a rather cheerful design to appeal the health-conscious customers, mainly the millenial audience looking for a different flavor in their homemade cooking and salad.

Mighty Hara already have a logo featuring a cheerful illustration, so naturally, the label design will follow the style of the logo but with new twist to make it more interesting and eye-catching when being put on store shelves.

Krishna Almond Dressing/Sauce

The packaging illustration expands the sunset illustration of the logo and subtly hint the dressing sauce variant by using the graphic of the main ingredient: almond, as the trees. Future Mighty Hara product can use similar concept for branding consistency.

Lastly, the label use custom dieline design and will be printed on textured fancy paper to make it look more playful and unique.

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