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Ibrahim Ahmad

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Packaging & Label

Box Packaging Design

Home Victory is a German distributor of various houseware product. They are recently looking to enter a market for anti-pest product, specifically a mouse trap device that is humane and sanitary. This product is named Lebend Mausefalle for the German market.

Lebend Mausefalle are aimed for an urban customers, and Home Victory aims to create an industrial & minimalist design to represent the product.

For this reason, all the illustration displayed on the design are made in 3D using CAD software, Solidworks. The illustration made ranging from the main showcase, to all the instructional images displayed on the back.

Lebend Mausefalle

The 3D images are rendered in orthographic projection, with lines & stripped lines to identify the outer shell and the inside section of the mouse trap.

The way this mouse trap works is by inserting food on the specified container of the trap, which then will attract mouse and enters the trap. The mouse trap is defined as 'humane' because supposedly the mouse will be released after getting caught. But really, only a fool would release a mouse knowing well they are a pest. 'Humane' is a silly marketing word nowadays.

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