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Design Team & Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad

Project Year:


Packaging & Label

Sachet & Pillow Bag Packaging

Maistro produces and distributes instant spices product for the German market. In 2019 they are looking to expand their Meine Suppe product range by releasing Curry Kokos, a coconut curry spice based on traditional Eastern Asian recipe.

For their Curry Kokos product, they would like the sachet design to showcase the natural ingredients used and encourage customer's appetite by displaying an example of a dish that use the product.

The sachet design display some of the key ingredients as part of the main illustration that looks like being mixed together to form the curry product below.

Meine Curry Kokos Hafersuppe

The back side is reserved for product benefits, serving instruction and standard information like nutrition facts, ingredients, company profile, etc.

Here are some of the unused concept alternative of the project.

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