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The Feel Good Lab is a young American company started by Gene Gresh, a medical practitioner with over 37 years of experience specializing in the treatment of pain. The company focused on producing pain relief cream with natural ingredients and extensive research.

In 2019 the company was looking to rebrand the packaging of their main product; "Natural Pain Cream". One of the problem that they found with their old packaging is that people are not sure if their cream use any natural ingredients because all the ingredients was listed only in small text and does not display any images of these ingredients.

To solve this problem, this design features arrangement of all of its core ingredients on the box enclosure so customers can feel confident with the natural ingredients used that will remedy their pain problem. The ingredients are presented in 'exploding' layout so that it can show the wide array or ingredients used in a legible size.

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Natural Pain Cream

Inside the box enclosure, there's a tray which the tube packaging rest on, and also a single piece of paper on the top for usage instructions of the Pain Relief Cream. This paper also show an extension of the box enclosure illustration where all the ingredients are displayed like the yare combined to make the Pain Relief Cream.

The Pain Relief Cream are contained on this inner tray, where there's also a QR code that link to the company website.


The Feel Good Lab


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Design Team & Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad

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