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Corporate Annual Report

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MAIPARK is an Indonesia-based reinsurance company specifically protecting business and individual against financial loss due to natural disaster like earthquake, volcanic eruption, and floods. MAIPARK is an abbreviation for Maskapai Asuransi Indonesia (MAI) and Perusahan Asuransi Risiko Khusus (PARK), and MAI was the oldest General Insurance Company in Indonesia.

The company carries on its commitment to optimizing the performance of the insurance industry, especially related to catastrophe insurance, amidst the uncertain economic conditions.

As MAIPARK consistently builds strategic collaborations with various R&D and socialization institutions in Indonesia, the company tasked us to present the company's annual report in a professional manner that reflects the company's commitment towards insurance industry’s competitiveness to achieve financial stability and resilience.

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Optimizing the Industry, Enhancing Financial Resilience

The annual report was designed with brand consistency in mind and features 6 commissioned hand-painted original artworks by XX using watercolor media.

MAIPARK Annual Report 2017 available in English and Indonesian language (bilingual). Read it from this link.





Design Team
& Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad with BrandCompany





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