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Box Packaging Design

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MediVinius is a German company that offers various pharmaceutical products, one of them is Ovulationstest, a test kit that measure ovulating period/fertility to see if a woman is most likely to conceive if she had an intercourse at that time.

The company is looking to revamp the current design to make it explain the purpose of the product at first glance, but still maintain the professional look of a pharmaceutical product.

To fullfill the requirement, the design use illustration of sperm cell entering egg cell, and visualized in a clean & minimalist approach to better fit the pharmaceutical product appeal and the current MediVinius branding.

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On the side of the box, there's also illustration of the actual test kit product. MediVinius's Ovulationstest is a simple strip-type test kit that is effective, accurate, and economical.

OvulationsTest is available in two packages, 25pcs and 50pcs test kits per box. 





Design Team & Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad

Project Year: