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San Francisco Bay, one of the subsidiary of Rogers Family Company; produce and distribute various coffee products from whole beans and grounded coffee, to OneCup espresso and ready-to-serve coffee. In 2018, the company launched the Cold Brew line to the market for people who'd like cold brew type of coffee and want to drink it on the go.

The French Roast variant was launched first in 2018 and then followed with Rainforest Blend, Fog Chaser, and Decaf Fog Chaser.

Each Cold Brew variant are sold in packs of 4, 6, and 12; and are directly sold by San Francisco Bay through their website. Visit their website and browse their products here:

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San Francisco Bay: Cold Brew Coffee & Gourmet Coffee

Beside the Cold Brew line, they also would like to refresh the look of their Bakery Blend variant of grounded coffee. The design reuse the illustration from the previous Cold Brew design, with different contrasting tone to visualize the characteristic of the Bakery Blend coffee.

Last but not least, they also require a redesign for the Organic Rainforest Blend variant. 


San Francisco Bay Coffee (Rogers Family Company)


Foods & Beverages

Design Team
& Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad


Ibrahim Ahmad

Project Year:

2018, 2019