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Packaging & Label

Label for Bottle, Jar, & Canister

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BIOHM (PathoBiome LLC) optimizes your health by combining various good bacteria, good fungi and enzymes to break down digestive plaque, allowing for total gut balance; and deliver it in form of supplements.

In 2018, BIOHM seek to overhaul its current product packaging design to be more impactful and creative. The client also requested to have its main ingredient and product function to be displayed in a bold manner so customers can easily know what the product is made of and what it can delivers.

A clean visual approach with unusually playful layout is made for the design proposal. The design features large typography elements describing the ingredients and product purpose for its main visual branding.

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Super Greens Powder

On the front of the label, oversized typography elements was arranged in wavy lines and is intersecting each other to give the design a contrast compared to other supplement brands.

I made a simple 3D animation out of this design on my Instagram @ibrahimahmadworks.

Check out this post to see the animation.




Beauty & Pharmaceutical

Design Team
& Art Direction:

Ibrahim Ahmad

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