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Corporate Annual Report

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Bank Mega Syariah is a Sharia banking institute from Indonesia that was managed under the conglomerate - CT Corpora institution. In 2017 the bank aimed to finish the consolidation stage with CT Corpora groups, and other third-party business; to improve the banking service and expand the customer experience with various business segment from shopping, worship obligation (Hajj & Umrah), and investment.

The theme 'Synergy for Stronger Future' was decided to visualize the present banking strategy that unifies several services and service providers to compete in Indonesian Sharia banking industry.

The annual report was designed based on Bank Mega Syariah corporate branding and improved layout from the previous year's annual report.

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Synergy for Stronger Future

Each chapter divider features an illustration that is made in semi-abstract style, and the reports includes graphics and charts with colorful brand tones to make the report easy to read and visually attractive for the investors.

Bank Mega Syariah Annual Report 2017 available in English and Indonesian language (separated per language). Read it from this link.


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Design Team
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Ibrahim Ahmad with BrandCompany


Ibrahim Ahmad



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